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For 25g Fragrance Drops
Select a date from BITG's upcoming pop up(s) to secure a top up service appointment

BITG's upcoming pop ups with refill service:

A reminder email will be sent to the email attached to your order 2-3 days before reserved day. Only 1 rescheduling is permitted and must be informed at least 24 hours before reserved day via email [].

*As BITG is currently in transition to a new design of dropper bottles, we are offering a 1-to-1 exchange of your old BITG 25g bottles for the new design ones


- Service is only available for 25g size Fragrance Drops bottles
- Personal bottles/containers are not allowed to be refilled in, only BITG bottles can be used
- Change of scent in a bottle of another scent is allowed [e.g. going for a refill for REJUVENATE - sea spray & driftwood in a bottle that used to hold MANIFEST - white tea & bergamot]
- If there is leftover oil in the bottle, top up will be the standard 25g on top of the remaining oil. Top up will stop at a maximum point of the bottle even if 25g is not topped up. Price will not be adjusted for such cases.
- 5% pop up discount is not applicable for refill service
- Request for refill service in person without prior reservation online will likely be turned away