Diffuser Care Guide

Designed to be both scent pleasant as a scent freshener and aesthetically pleasing as a display piece.
Made to be reusable and long lasting.

Every scented diffuser is handcrafted with love in the BITG studio in small batches.
Made with a personal blend of eco-friendly plaster and paraben, phthalate & animal cruelty-free fragrance oil.

Freshener & Aesthetic Piece

Works best in enclosed spaces.

Hang on a hanger in the closet, hang them in your car or bathroom, or display on any surface.

Keep your diffuser in the organza bag provided to avoid powder stains on surfaces. Avoid long term direct contact on weak plastic or painted surfaces.

Reusable & Long Lasting

When the scent is deemed less effective in time, refresh by dripping essential/fragrance oil spaced out onto the back of the diffuser.

We recommend about 3-5 drops of our in-house Fragrance Drops, more if stronger scent throw is preferred.

Allow oil to be absorbed by diffuser (usually about 10-15 minutes) before use.

Do note that certain essential/fragrance oil may cause discolouration on the surface of diffuser. Thus, we encourage dripping scented oil onto the back of your diffusers.

Scent Throw

Subjective to:
1. The natural scent strength of the fragrance infused in the diffuser
2. Size of the space the diffuser is placed in
3. Size of diffuser used (larger pieces have more surface area for stronger scent dispersion)

Recommendation (in general): 1 in locker/drawers/cabinets, 1-2 in wardrobes, 1 in shoe cabinets, 2 in bathrooms

Common feedback is that scent throw lasts for about 1-3 months before refreshment required and that the diffusers help your clothing smell nice and fresh too!

Perfect as Gifts

Every scented diffuser packaging comes with a diffuser use and care sticker. Decorated with a wax seal design exclusive to every diffuser design. All diffusers come in an organza pouch.


Keep away from children and pets


Use a soft cleaning brush to lightly dust to clean


When not in use, gently wrap the diffuser in tissue paper and store in an airtight container
Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight


Will the diffuser shrink overtime when the scent strength weakens?

No, the diffuser will remain the same size.
Drip some Fragrance Drops to enhance scent strength once more.
BITG's diffusers are made to be reusable and long lasting!

Will the diffuser dissolve when it touches water?

No, the diffuser will stay intact. Simply leave to dry completely for at least 24 hours before topping up the scent with Fragrance Drops.

Is the diffuser fragile?

Dropping hard from a normal table height may cause slight chipping or breakage of diffuser. If so, keep diffuser pieces in the organza bag provided and use as a freshener as per usual. Scenting properties still remain.

Can I use my own essential oil or perfume to refresh the diffuser?

Yes, you can!
But do be warned that certain oils are naturally of a darker colour and may leave a colour stain on your diffuser. Thus, I'd recommend you to always drip the oil on the back of your diffuser.