T H E . B I T G . S T O R Y

My name is Crystal, the founder and crafter behind Bask In The Glow (BITG). BITG was born out of my love for using scent therapy for relaxation in my Glow Up journey. I hope to be able to do the same for others, hence the inspiration for my brand name.

I am a one-woman show, handcrafting/pouring all the scent goodness from my home studio in sunny island Singapore.

I aspire to show the behind-the-scenes of the life as a small business owner, mostly via Instagram and Youtube.

before BASK IN THE GLOW...

It all started when I attended a candle making workshop as part of my bridal celebrations with my bridesmaids. Feeling inspired, I went on to learn artisan candle crafts under the Korean Candle Craft Association (KCCA). At first, it was meant as a side hobby.

Halfway through the candle making course, I was experiencing extreme burnout at my full-time job (believe me, for some medical professionals, post-covid was worse than the covid period itself). At this point, I had a digital print side business called Tintsy on Etsy. My husband then suggested that I step out to venture into a physical business specializing in scent.

With his encouragement and support, I did. My career status went from full-time to self-employed.
Within a couple of months, I self-taught myself to wear all the hats (founder, accountant, website developer, crafter, customer service, packer and more) and stepped out to officially launch Bask In The Glow.

& I have been handcrafting/pouring ever since June 2022!

BASK in the GLOW

Glow - a celebration of personal growth mentally and physically
Bask - relishing every moment of that journey^

Tapping into 2 human senses:
Olfaction (smell) - uplifting scents
Vision (sight) - aesthetic designs

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