Beads Sachet [UNSCENTED]

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60 beads, UNscented
Dome shaped

Assorted colours (off-white, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow)
*do drop a note with your order before checkout if you wish to have selected colours only

Comes with a reusable organza bag (9x12cm) and linen scent pouch (10x10cm)
Diffuser instructions card included with brown envelope packaging

Recommended spaces: bag, luggage, wardrobe, cupboard, drawers, lockers, car (light weight and convenient for carrying on-the-go)



1. Upon receiving your sachet, lay out beads on a piece of paper towel
2. Drip Fragrance Drops/essential oil spaced out on the beads (colour of beads will deepen when wet). The amount of oil to put depends on your personal preference on the scent strength. More oil for stronger scent.
3. Leave to dry, usually 10-15 minutes (may vary between different types of oils)
4. Return beads to the organza pouch and then into the linen scent pouch for use

Other uses: divide beads into a separate pouch(es) for use in multiple spaces

NOTE: overall scent strength depends on the amount of oil used on the beads and the scent strength of the oil itself

Highly recommended for beads to be placed into organza bag (tea bag works too) before inserting into linen pouch. Placing beads directly into linen pouch will likely cause product fall out from the wide opening.



Beads are made with a personal blend of plaster. Add on Fragrance Drops are paraben, phthalate & animal cruelty-free.