[BUNDLE OF 2] CARNATION Diffuser Tablets

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2 diffuser tablets - same scent & colour (fixed)
Carnation tablet design

60 grams


Made to order to ensure scent freshness
Comes with a reusable organza bag and ribbon
Diffuser care and instructions label included with every packaging

Add on a bottle of Fragrance Drops (4.5g) to continue refreshing your spaces over time

All tablets and drops are packed individually


Our diffuser tablets function as an aesthetic piece and a scent refresher. Works best in enclosed spaces such as bathrooms, study rooms, closets, drawers, cars or lockers.

If the scent is deemed less effective, drip 3-5 drops of essential/fragrance oil to the back of tablet to enhance scent.

Made with a personal blend of plaster with paraben, phthalate & animal cruelty-free fragrance oil.


To get the best scent experience with BITG's diffusers, refer to the diffuser care guide here!


Each scented diffuser piece is handcrafted in the BITG studio in Singapore. Due to this nature, they may have slight imperfections such as air bubbles and difference in depth of colour.

The factors mentioned above do not impact the scenting quality of the diffuser. Quality control will be conducted on every product before shipping.