Meet our new candle packaging!

Meet our new candle packaging!


In May 2022, we received a number of DMs regarding the ice cream tub packaging that we used to package our BITG affirmation candles for a charity event. So many of you reached out to us and commented that it was a really cute idea and that you loved it.

Today, we're proud to make that packaging official!


Out with the old...


And in with the new!

With this, we would like to thank Singaprinting for helping us on this journey. The helpful and informative sticker materials details on their website helped us to choose the appropriate material we needed, specifically for writing purposes.

Their customer service was also very efficient and we received our candle labels very quickly after 3 working days. We would highly recommend their service.



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Our new packaging is all ready to be sent out!

As always, we appreciate every feedback we get and the ones that have been sent to us. You can reach out to us at! We would love to hear from you.