Bubble Candle

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32 grams
2 by 2 bubble design
Approx 3.9x3.9x3.5 cm

Mostly for aesthetic purposes
Comes in a box packaging
Candle care card provided


If burning, do so in a proper holder, away from flammable objects.

Note: No candle dye is added for this product. Colour may be off white due to natural properties of fragrance oil added. Especially for HUSTLE, candle will be slightly more brown in appearance.

Also available for bulk purchase.
For orders above 30 pieces, please contact us.


To get the best scent experience with BITG's candles, refer to the candle care guide here! Learn how to make the best out of your candles.


Each candle is handpoured in the BITG studio in Singapore. Due to this nature, they may have slight imperfections such as off-centered labeling etc. Due to the nature of natural soy waxes, minor discolouration, frosting, sweating and wet spots may occur.

The factors mentioned above do not impact the quality of the candle. Quality control will be conducted on every product before shipping.

Customize your candle decal

Attach your favourite affirmation or quote, a special date or the name of your loved one as a gift. Make your candle unique and exclusive to you.

customize away!